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7 September, 2019
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30 September, 2019

Do you have a small or large company and you still did not dare to have a website? Here we will show you everything you need.

Steps to have a page

  1. Know your audience

The success of every product depends on having a clear idea of ​​what you want to offer and what your differentials will be. That is, the reason why someone will prefer to access your page and not that of the competition, well, your Web page must be created taking into account this same strategy.

2. Prioritize

Tengas claro todo lo que tendrá tu página Web después de terminada, pero por temas de costo, se pueden priorizar en el momento de hacer una página Web los puntos que te traerán los mejores resultados al inicio. Conocer todo el alcance futuro, es clave para elegir la tecnología que mejor atiende todas estas necesidades.

An example, I can have first on my website, the information of my products and services so that they know my company, then a blog session so that my publications are seen and in the end implement ecommerce functionalities. So my initial investment will be less and the results will begin.

3.  Choose the best agency(UnoWeb SAS :D)

There is a very large offer of agencies that offer websites, but to avoid headaches make sure:

a.          Check the previous works of this agency. For this ask what your customers were and if possible contact us to find out how the experience was.

b.         Be clear about the rules of the game regarding delivery times, progress review meetings, payment methods and milestones, page sessions, design and content.

c.          Prefer the options in which a portion of the payment is given upon delivery to satisfaction. It is not uncommon to find agencies that upon receiving full payment at the beginning deliver mediocre jobs at the end.

d.         Before hiring, check if the agency installs and configures the page in the hosting and domain. This will avoid the need to hire another professional to do the installation.

4.         Hire the hosting and domain

Having a Web page published on the internet, you will have to have two resources that work in lease mode, almost always with annual payments:

Hosting: It is the lease for the server where your page will be hosted. Prices vary according to storage, memory, transfer and additional services such as backup or others. The choice of hosting depends on many factors such as the rate of visits to the page, the number of images, consult us and we will help you choose the hosting that is more in line with your pocket and your need.

Domain: The domain is the address of your web page, for example: fanbici.com or unoweb.com.co. The value of the domain varies according to the extension you choose (.com, .co, .net or others).

You can validate if the domain you want for your page is available to rent it at https://www.whois.com/

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