What do I need to develop my app?

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7 September, 2019
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30 September, 2019

What do I need to develop my app?

In Colombia, Latin America and other places of the world there is a trend and it is to design or develop corporate mobile applications, for entrepreneurship and for small or medium enterprises, many of these projects with the intention of covering or satisfying the needs of the business on issues such as customer service, sales, operations, and other areas. On the other hand, there are platforms that want to start as an enterprise and seek to solve a problem in some economic sector.

If we talk about this last type of applications or platforms, in 2014 according to a study carried out by “Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2013-2014”, 6.4 million people in Colombia are involved in entrepreneurship projects, thus placing Colombia in the top 5 of countries with a high level of entrepreneurship (Peru, Panama, Colombia, Chile, and Ecuador), which have a rate of more than 20% of entrepreneurship compared to the total population. In the case of Colombia, in the city of Bogotá, 24% (1.1 Million people) develop entrepreneurial activities.

To summarize according to this study, in Colombia on average an entrepreneur needs $ 27,000,000 to start his project, according to the previous context, we want to share some tips to know what you need to start your digital platform.

In general, every entrepreneur in Colombia, what he usually seeks is to achieve a project that, through digital tools, generates a high level of income, many entrepreneurs want to have a platform like Rappi, Facebook, Uber, TaxisYa, Tapsi, Domicilios.com, among others, the so-called new warriors of the Apps (according to the magazine’s week article).

Before starting any project, we suggest you consider the following recommendations, these will make it easier for you to clarify your business idea and have an effective and successful result.

  1. If you are one of those who want to have a Rappi, a Facebook or any platform that makes you a millionaire, we suggest you check the scope of your venture well, find differential factors, have VERY CLEAR, which is the new thing you will do project, first of all, it is necessary to have clarity of where the project is going, what we want to do in case we are copying an existing idea. In the same way, keep in mind that having something similarly distant could require an investment of at least USD $ 3,000,000.
  2. Now if your idea is clearer and your intention is not to copy anyone, but instead you have an idea to solve a problem, first let us congratulate you, then check the scope of your application (screens), of In the same way, identify the user roles that your application should have (for example, Passenger or Driver). This will also help you identify if it is a basic platform or application.
  3. Consider the quality of the design you want, because this also depends on the impact that your platform may have on the user who will use the services, involving concepts such as UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface), the The cost of your platform also depends on how customized and customized the design is, but don’t forget to use Material Desing (graphic material optimized for UX / UI).
  4. Of course, every mobile application will need a development process, here are several factors to consider before sending it to water:
    4.1. The technology that should be used, this will define how easy or how complex it will be to locate suppliers.
    4.2. The scope, then depending on how many functionalities your platform has, so will the development time
    4.3. The development time, it is NOT VIABLE, that an entrepreneur says I need to do Facebook or Rappi in 2 months, to avoid this always take into account, how much development your project will have, this will prevent future headaches.
    4.4. Identify the hidden scopes of your platform, this is what we mean by topics that your platform should include as standard. (Web services, Registration, Administrator, Landing page, Users, Permissions, User Log, among others)
  5. Important that your digital project and all its architecture have an SSL for all domains and accesses that make up your platform
  6. Consider the infrastructure requirements (servers), initially define which platform you want to use or which best suits your needs or budget, it is valid to start with something basic, but much more important to have defined a capacity plan that helps you to understand how many servers and with what architecture you need them to support a high traffic project (VPS, Local Hosting, Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, Google Cloud, among others.)
  7. Estimate maintenance work, because EVERY project will need minor updates and technical support, minimum during its stabilization phase (3 to 6 months).
    Ideal project a dedicated team to develop new updates and improvements of your application or platform, this is important because an application that is successful will require offering new things to its users, this in order to keep them and attract new, as a application that does not evolve, is an application that dies in time.
    It is ideal to select several suppliers, estimate budgets, knowledge, seriousness, experience, quality, processes, but above all a provider that is transparent and not only dedicated to paying attention.
    It is highly important that if you do not have experience or do not know how to develop a mobile application (or whatever), please let the professionals do their job, but also monitor and follow up on what they offered. If your project is for your company, please do not leave the marketing professional alone, it is highly important that you also assign technical support from your company, now if you do not have it, train your team before starting.

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