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This year it flies by, we are almost 2020 and in this new year there will be interesting trends in Javascript that you should pay attention, because in some cases it will help you to adopt these trends to keep you updated and current in the area of Web Development and others where you can make use of the Javascript Programming Language, in that Post I will share the most notorious trends that will happen with the Javascript Language in 2020.

There are some trends that had already been told that were going to happen in 2019 and in 2020 will gradually increase, then the most notorious trends for Javascript in 2020.

Javascript stays strong

The Javascript Programming Language has been maintained for many years as the most widely used, fast-growing and highly potentially used Programming Language, one of the factors that has kept Javascript in high force are Frameworks and tools such as React JS, Angular, Vue, Electron, etc.

Javascript remains one of the most important options when it comes to developing interactive web interfaces, Javascript is compatible with all modern browsers.

According to the Annual Survey conducted by Stack Overflow about 70% of 72,525 professional developers reported using Javascript, it is also one of the most viewed languages, this means that 17.8% of respondents have not yet used Javascript, but wish to Learn.

On the other hand Stackshare displays data from 10,420 companies around the world (to date this Post) that are using Javascript in their Projects, Javascript is the heart of many technology companies like Paypal, this online payments company was one of the first in using Node JS, then there are companies like Walmart, Linkedin, Netflix, Groupon, among others that use Javascript.

In the U.S., it’s not the first time But it’s not the first time 16 of the 25 unicorn companies (The main private startups valued near more than 1 billion) mention that Javascript is part of the technologies they use in their Projects, so it is likely that in this 2020 Javascript will remain strong and with great growth.

Using TypeScript will increase

With security the year 2019 was the year of TypeScript, this was developed by Microsoft to expand Javascript features and be able to develop large applications that can be executed on the side of the Client and server.

In the 2019 Stack Overflow survey in the Most Loved, Feared and Wanted Languages category, TypeScript is located in 3rd place (Up to this Post), falling behind Python and Rust.

On the other hand, in its GitHub repository you can see that TypeScript continues to gain momentum, the community is growing and the trend is that by 2020 the use of TypeScript will increase even more.

TypeScript is a superset of Javascript, applications developed with Javascript could also be defined as Valid TypeScript Software. Most Developers see TypeScript as a tool that throws errors in the console, this allows to quickly detect an error and fix it, it is also easier to read the TypeScript code, it is cleaner code and has documentation Own.

Use of React JS will continue to increase

Javascript Frameworks have become an indispensable part of developing a Web Project, for better or worse there are many Frameworks and tools created on Javascript, sometimes burdening beginner developers as they have doubts of which to use, which is the best or which is the best, this topic will continue to give you to speak in this 2020.

In Stack Overflow there are different surveys where the Frameworks created on Javascript are among the first places, the one that stands out the most is React JS, then Vue JS and then Angular.

At Google, the search trends of the Javascript Frameworks confirm that React JS has the best position in terms of searches, also the State of JS page shows the status of the most popular Frameworks in 2019, which is led by React JS.

Also on the NPM Trends page the React JS Framework is leading trends and continues to grow.

To date this Post React JS is the best option to create reactive user interfaces, many leading history companies use React in their projects like Pinterest, WhatsApp, Reddit and the list is really extensive.

If you don’t already know React JS I recommend you read the article That is React JS, History and other details and get acquainted with this great Javascript Framework, also if you do not know that it is a Framework I recommend you read the article That is a Framework, History and More Details.

Since React JS was created for 2013, since then it has not stopped growing and adding new features to its core, React JS continues to grow in Popularity and this 2020 an increase in the use of this Framework will be no exception.

Web Components will be more independent of the Framework

There is a growth in the development of different components to be used directly in a project created with a Javascript Framework, some components can work without using a Javascript Framework and can be imported, exported and shared with other Developers.

There are platforms like Bit that allow you to host components on your platforms, these can be used by other Developers by executing commands created by Bit.

The platform has support for working with components in React JS, Vue JS, Angular JS and other additional features, up to date this Post, Bit has support for these Frameworks, in the future they can add more.

Javascript makes it possible for platforms such as Bit and other tools to be possible.

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