I want my page to appear in google search results

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6 September, 2019
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7 September, 2019

I want my page to appear in google search results

Have you already created your website and now you want to leave for the next step that is to position it in the search engines?, Well, here we are going to show you how.

The first thing you need to know is that there are two types of positioning.

SEM (Search Engineer Markerting): Paid Advertising

The positioning by SEM are the ones that appear first on google, with a little square written “ad” next to it.

The positioning in google works through bids, whose value is your bids is determined by you, that is to say that if I determine that my bid will be 0,10 US$, the companies that put 11 will appear before you, and of course the Companies that determined 0,9 US$ as a bid value will appear after you

SEO (Search Engine Organic): Organic Positioning

This positioning has no costs with google and uses various factors to determine the order in which companies appear.

  1. Content update: To have your page well positioned on google, the best way is to publish content about your company’s business, preferably once a week. For example, if you have a gym page, post good health tutorials once a week.
  2. Links to your page: Other criteria used are links to other pages that direct to your website.
  3. Connect your social networks to your page and also

SEO positioning is not instantaneous and to achieve a good positioning it usually takes months.

Do not believe in companies that promise to position you overnight in SEO, there are some bad practices that some companies use to raise this position and that are punished by Google with restriction on the use of SEO, that is to say that in this case Google will not allow you more appear in searches and it is very difficult to remove this block.

Ask us about how we can support you with the positioning of your page.

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