How much is it worth to develop a mobile application?

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30 September, 2019
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Now that you know what should be taken into account to develop a mobile or web application, let’s talk about how much it could cost you to develop your project.

We will assume that our mobile application is an application to help parents know where their children are when they are on the school route, for this we will first talk about the scopes considering that our application will be a hybrid application just for Android and IOS

Our application will need at least the following aspects:

Splash or screen that identifies the application, this will always be the initial screen
User Registration
Recover password
User profile
My children
Real time map
Route History
Monitor Information
Vehicle and driver information
Driver, monitor and parent profile
List of students
Collection Confirmation
News Report
Product Landing Page
Web services for information integration
CMS and Dashboard platform administrator
Once the scope is listed, we will now define the technology, assuming that we will use Flutter as a development framework, node.js and angular 8 for the backend.

Taking into account the above, we will make a superficial estimate, for this we will assume that each interface (functional screen) will cost us about $ 3,500,000 (each screen), according to the technology we select and taking into account the salary of a systems engineer (web developer), plus the design and utility of the provider. Thus, we will generalize and assume that we have the clear scope, therefore the value of our design and development would be $ 59,500,000

In accordance with the scope we will now define the time, for this we will continue with the example of the initial application, we will assume that according to the complexity of the interface (screen), we could from experience that an experienced developer (1 a 3 years), it will take 1 week to make a full screen, so the time we count it like this:

17 screens 4 x month would be a total of 4 months + 1 week
25 web services for REST integration, 4 x month would be a total of 6 months + 1 week
CMS, administrator or Dashboard with 8 screens, 4 x month would be a total of 2 months
Graphic design in total 26 screens, 16 screens per month, in total 1 month and 20 days.
Summarizing the development time to a freelance, it would take approximately one year (12 months) to complete the entire system, clarifying that topics such as web services, CMS screens and design were not taken into account in detail at the initial scope. (The freelance would be placed $ 4,958,000 per month, less retentions and social security, obviously without being 100% dedicated to our project)

On the other hand if we hire a small Agency, which can assign at least two people to the team, make the custom design, document the application, make a detailed specification of the scope and give us a technical and marketing support, the average time Development and implementation of our application would be approximately 7 months. (The agency would be charging us $ 8,500,000 per month, assuming design costs, taxes, social security, development and testing server)

Some agencies or professionals will surely offer less time, but this will be able to affect you in terms of architecture, warranty, documentation, testing and design, among others.

To complement the above, let’s make a quick list of the things we still need to have our project ready.

SSL security certificate on average in the market about $ 340,000 the basic version per year.
VPS server with minimum requirements for the beta version of our application about $ 900,000 a year.
Account opening for play store or Android store, approximately $ 350,000 per year
Account opening for play store or Android store, approximately $ 850,000 per year
Initial maintenance, about $ 600,000 per month (optional, but extremely important).
Platform positioning and marketing activities, about $ 3,000,000 per month (This is a work that is not included in the development but it will certainly help to sell your project faster)
Summarizing all of the above, we would have a project that costs about $ 65,440,000 including the first month of marketing and support. This without counting the agency processes, delays, customer changes, undefined scopes, unintended risks or complex scopes.

How much is it worth to develop a mobile application?With full security with other technologies, using reusable components such as design templates, Open Source frameworks or white label systems, it is very likely that the price will be reduced by a quarter, according to the selected supplier.

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