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6 January, 2020
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The Internet of Things is a trend that came to materialize concepts that seem inspired by a world of science fiction; bringing with it the development of services and products with artificial intelligence, which communicate with each other; offering high efficiency and convenience for its users, but believe it or not, we are not far from it.

Concept and Origin

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been cataloged. Internet of Things) as the latest trend in the internet phenomenon.

The concept was presented by Kevin Ashton, a British technologist known for working at Procter & Gamble, who in 1999 argued that human beings are now so busy that they need a new way of relating to the internet, while this allows you to execute tasks that we don’t need to pay attention to.

The idea of this trend is to connect everything we can call “thing” to the internet, so it is called the Internet of Things; in this way and assisted by artificial intelligence (AI), the devices communicate with each other, learning how the human being makes use of them; and from there, they help us in our day-to-day life.

The Internet of Things at Home

Inside the home, the internet of things proposes an impressive quality of life improvement. Imagine your refrigerator telling you when your favorite soda is about to run out; this through a scanner and an internet connection through any device imaginable. Thus, you could access this information while shopping at the supermarket and make better decisions about what you buy. You can also suggest recipes based on what you find inside their shelves.

Or in more advanced learning, the Internet of Things could cause your alarm clock to tell the coffee maker that the alarm is about to go off; so the coffee maker will start working in a while so that when you get up you have a cup of freshly brewed coffee just the way you like!

The Internet of Things Today

If all this seems too futuristic to you, you should know that brands like LG, Google and Amazon have opted for the development of new technologies and products based on the internet of things to create smart homes. We are in the age where we change the way we perceive our home and the age in which our home perceives us will begin; it will be intuitive, purposeful and even have the ability to interact with us.

Within the products, within the Internet of Things developed by LG, we find appliances, ventilation and entertainment systems such as screens, audio systems, monitors and PCs.

It is important to know that although LG has limited this technology to a market with greater purchasing power; it is estimated that within five years this technology will be present in accessible products for a larger segment at an affordable cost.

Sectors reached in IoT

You should know that the areas of application for the Internet of Things have no limit because by creating a connection between everything we know and that generate machine learning is not only used in the development of amenities; their contributions reach a number of sectors:

  • Health: In this sector, systems are being developed to monitor the health status of patients with delicate health, remotely, as well as the supply of medicines by the pharmaceutical industry to hospitals through inventory control.
  • Agricultural: Another useful example of the Internet of Things is found in the agricultural industry where crop monitoring, livestock and pest control are already applicable; improving processes and the quality of the final product.
  • Retail: In this sector, as in the health sector, it is proposed to keep control of the goods through sensors; Thus, at the time a product is sold, the stock is updated and precise control is taken to when the product is required to be filled again.

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